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Gatsby Days, Meetups, and more!

Linda Watkins
November 27th, 2018

When I started as Director of Marketing at Gatsby 4 months ago, I was impressed with the enthusiasm and energy I saw in the community around Gatsby. And as I’ve started to connect with developers at technology meetups and conferences, I’ve heard so many of you talk about interest in Gatsby-sponsored events. Well, now the wait is over!

Announcing Gatsby Days

We’re starting to roll out Gatsby Days across the US and internationally. The first Gatsby Day will be in Mountain View, California on December 7th, 2018. Gatsby Days are in-person, one-day conferences that include Gatsby speakers and guest presenters. The conference will focus on the future of modern website development, use cases, and deep dive topics such as what's new in the web technology stack. It’ll be an opportunity to meet Gatsby creator, Kyle Mathews, hear other Gatsby core team members speak, and connect with the Gatsby community in-person. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, register for Gatsby Days in Mountain View, CA here. We will be recording the talks and live streaming some of the presentations. Follow Gatsby on Twitter to get notified when the recordings are available.

Register for Gatsby Days in Mountain View, CA on December 7th.

We’ll also be planning more Gatsby Days after the New Year. We did a Twitter poll a few weeks ago to gauge interest in locations for Gatsby Days and London gathered over 250 votes! There were also a lot of write-in votes for Chicago, Dallas, Paris, and Berlin. Here are the results of the Twitter poll:


If you didn’t get a chance to cast your vote for a Gatsby Days host city, you can cast your vote here (and get notified when a Gatsby Days comes to your city).

Meetups and More

Meetups are also a great way to connect with the Gatsby community. Several community-organized Gatsby meetups have already been popping up across the globe and we’ll be launching a more formal program to support community-organized meetups with free swag and resources (details will be coming soon). In the meantime, if you’re organizing a Gatsby meetup or event and need some support, just fill out the form here and someone will get back with you to work out the details.

And if you’re in the San Francisco bay area, join our San Francisco meetup to connect with Gatsbyjs community members. These will be more casual gatherings where we talk about frontend web development, the modern web tech stack, and Gatsby. We'll have our first meetup after the new year (in January 2019) so stay tuned!

Join the Gatsby Meetup San Francisco here.

We’ll continue to keep you updated about Gatsby sponsored events and meetups. Hope to see you at a Gatsby Days or Gatsby Meetup soon!

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